Gatecrash Fun, All in One Morning

Wedding of Mike & Winnie ~ 15 June 2013

By far, this pair is the most fun-loving bridal couple we have had, so what fun is there if there is no gatecrashing for their sisters, brothers and friends.

The groom, Mike (nicknamed ‘Mika’) led a group of his cousins, buddies (aka ‘brothers’) and Best Man (boyfriend of the Maid of Honour, aka sister-in-law) to face the strong-willed and well prepared Bridesmaids. The gals were in full swing in that auspicious morning, even the Father of the Bride joined in the prepwork. “We did not have gatecrashing games in our generation, I am not missing out the fun on my daughter’s wedding,” exclaimed Mr Marcus Lee. Indeed, he had fun teasing his Son-in-law with a bunch of house keys to match the gate padlock. Finally after 4 rounds of grueling tasks given to the groom and his entourage, their dues were also paid in cash (‘Ang Bao’) to seal the deal, in exchange for the room key to meet Winnie, the Bride.

We are privileged to be part of the wedding and had enjoyed that delightful morning; we compiled the photos into collages, summarizing their gatecrashing face-off… (credits to our friendly partner Tey Yong How and his partner of Top Photography)…

Gatecrash Prep

Bridesmaids planted clues on every floor… “Daddy” prepared icy water…

Round 1

The groom and his entourage facing their first round of tasks… drama simulation…

The groom to eat a plate full of brinjals (he dislikes them), cooked by his Mother-in-law, while his groomsmen combed the floors for clues. The faster they find the clues, the least brinjals Mika had to eat…

Look for the right key or faced the penalty, i.e. mimicked the Minions…

One last task for the guys, they danced and shook the ping pong balls out from the boxes strapped on their limbs…

Finally, to seal the deal and get to the bride, the groom paid the bridesmaids in exchange for the key to the room…

At last, the groom kissed the bride… and they will live happily ever after…


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