Indulge in Love with all things Rustic

Given the unpredictable local weather, decorating an outdoor wedding is a risk that bridal couples have to take. Thus, the idea of bringing the outdoor wedding indoors is conceptualized.

80% of the decorations are DIY, from the tissue pom-poms to the curtain and table skirting, these handcraft works are done with the rustic concept in mind; even the corsages that are pinned on the curtain are handmade with love. We indulge in love with all things rustic….

The arch of pom-poms brightens the doorway that greets you with sunny happiness. A combination of warm colours are used to illuminate the hall.  The balls of ‘poeny’ like pom-poms are made of imported soft tissues in summer hues of tangerine, poppy, lemon, corals, peach and soft pink; complimented with colours of nature in moss green and kraft. There are two sizes, 30cm(14″) wide and 25cm(10″) wide, the smaller size attributes the bouquet like arrangement.  These pom poms are tied to the structure in alternate chroma with wire-ties and twined with ivy leaves to complete the botany design.

If you have crafty hands and the time to spare, you can make 3 to 5 pom poms in an hour or two. The trimming of the round edges will take longer time, opt for the blunt (no trimming required) or sharp (star-burst effect) edges; this will speed up the job. Alternatively, pre-cut-folded ones are available for sale at our Props Niche, a new service set up by us. Open the folded layers of tissues and shaped them into a ball of ‘poeny’. Contact us for prices.

For more detailed instructions or other creative ideas for your pom poms, visit this tutorial from Martha Stewart.

To style a rustic country wedding, Vintage Signs are used to accessorize the agrestic wall.

A garden of rustic touches: Old school waffle biscuits in apothecary jar trimmed with pretty lace; heart-shaped pin cushions made of vintage fabric lying a midst the white pebbles bring back memories of a Country Style Garden.

Guests at this wedding are greeted with cheerfulness of sunshine colours, treated with the sweetness of goodies in apothecary jars and bring home rural kraft-paper bags filled with blissful favours.

So who is afraid of the rain dampening your “outdoor” wedding?

Photo credits: Thinking Man’s Studio
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