Forever Love

When the Wedding Song was played at the march-in of the bride, the meaningful lyrics of Forever Love by Wang LeeHom, has spoken the sweetness of their romance. When the Father-of-the-bride walked Qe (short for Qiao Er) into the ballroom and placed his beloved daughter’s hand into the new son-in-law’s, he gripped tightly and acknowledged Kenji; a heartfelt moment of the evening.

Kenji & Qe knew each other back home in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, when they were students. They came to Singapore together to find work after graduation and love has blossomed deeply and passionately into their adult-hood. Celebrating their wedding here where they spent so much time together with friends and colleagues seem to be the best gesture to thank them for their friendship and hospitality. One unique arrangement was that there were 3 VIP tables at the wedding banquet; the parents and the bridal couple were sat at the main VIP table and to express their gratitude, their employers were sat at the other 2 VIP tables.

The groom who works in a printing company,  designed the wedding stationery inspired by the bride’s love for the colour purple and the popular Japanese manga character Doraemon (小叮当). We also decked the ballroom with purple balloons and flowers to signify their favourite things.

Kenji ♥ Qe
~ 22 October 2011 ~
Special credits to
Kenneth Kam (photography)
Pearlyn Tam (Balloon Blasters) &
Meivis Low (Makeup Artist)
Wedding Banquet: Cheers Garden (QianXi Group) @ Hotel Grand Central
Date: 22 October 2011
Customary Ceremony: Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Date: 5 November 2011

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  1. Qiao Er

    衷心的谢谢你~ Connie Mak ~~

    Qiao Er ^^

  2. This is what makes life more inspiring when you met the partner who made your everyday a wonderful day.

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