Party Ideas ~ Signature Drinks

We absolutely love the idea of featuring a signature drink at any event you throw – whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, birthday party, anniversary, bridal shower or just a random get-together.Source: via on Pinterest 

Signature drinks don’t need to include alcohol, it all depends upon what type of event you’re having. For instance, we had created a mock-tail served in test-tubes at a recent birthday bash, especially when there are guests who are under the legal drinking age.

The best part of a signature drink is that you can customize the name anytime you want because most people won’t know what it is anyway. Accessorize is the key, serve them in different stem-ware, have some crushed ice or make dry ice effect will arouse curiosity; it’s a party idea that everyone loves.

If you’re looking to have your own “couture” drink for your event, get together with a bartender who’s well versed in what ingredients mix well together for the yummiest concoction.

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  1. This is the best signature drink ever! Yes, indeed signature drinks does not necessarily need alcohol. You can have a grand signature drink with fancy set up and designs.

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